Is she tired?

I get this question often.  When someone asks Taylor a question or says hi to her, she doesn’t respond with her voice.  I always feel the need to just jump in and respond for her.  If she doesn’t know you she will often look away or put her head down.  Then people ask, “Is she tired?”  It may appear that way and often I just say yes, she is and move on with my day.  I try not to let it bug me most days, but to be honest it often does.  I know people are being nice and I truly appreciate people acknowledging her and talking to her like they would anyone else.  It is just that it starts to tug at the heart strings.  I think in my head, no she cannot talk.  Then my mind takes over and starts thinking of all of the things she doesn’t get to say with her voice.  I need to try to remember that I am her advocate, I am her voice,  and that when people ask this I should use this opportunity to explain why she doesn’t answer.  Spread awareness.   That is my mission.




Is she tired?

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