I Run 4 Michael

A couple of weeks or so ago a friend of mine asked if I had heard of a group called I Run For Michael.  I hadn’t but was pretty interested.  That night we got online and checked out http://www.whoirun4.com/.  Wow!  This group has people all over the world that run because they can for those who cannot.  I urge you to check out the website and read about this great non-profit organization that provides yet another arm of support for your special needs child.  They also provide runners for adults so this is not just for kids.  We signed Taylor up and she was matched within a few hours.  Then you start to get to know your runner and develop a personal relationship with them.  It is exciting and we have already formed a bond and gained great support for our daughter!  The other day Taylor got a medal in the mail that her runner Denise had won.  It was so cool!!!  You can also check out the I Run 4 Michael Facebook page!  Truly an amazing experience!

I Run 4 Michael

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